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:iconfade-st-global-art: :iconteamgackt:
If the title doesn't clue you in, I'll warn you before you go any further: this entry is just that, ranting about stuff that's been bugging me lately regarding my art, and my fandoms. So please stop now if you don't want to hear it. Thanks. For those of you who support me, as always, I appreciate you and your listening to me. Thank you for that, too. 

Was just on Google Images looking for photos of Gackt to possibly put together a new blog for my group. As usually seems to be the case, a couple of my wallpapers of him came up---and did NOT lead back here to my dA account. Here on my main page and on every single piece of work I post, all I ask is that if it goes and is posted elsewhere, I GET CREDIT FOR IT. I make my artwork because I enjoy it, and I love sharing it with other fans. I have shared my Gackt and my Jon art with both of them respectively, and have gotten feedback from both of them that they seem to like it, which as a fan thrills me to no end and as an artist makes me extremely happy. But I am going to tell you, it is a lot of work. I respect those of you who are traditional artists, because that's a skill I'm never going to have, and I can understand and appreciate how much time and effort goes into a drawing. Well, the same is true for my digital work. I spend a minimum of two or three hours, usually a lot more, making one wallpaper. I am extremely tough on myself and I do not post something unless I feel I've made it the best that I possibly can. There have even been some pieces I have tweaked and uploaded again and you guys have not even been aware of it, because I felt an element needed to be moved a fraction of an inch or something needed to be behind something instead of in front, etc. There have been pieces I've never posted on here, because I didn't feel it was up to the standard I hold myself to as far as my art's concerned. 

So it makes me incredibly angry and very, very upset when I see my stuff being put elsewhere and I don't at least get credited, or worse, when someone deliberately crops out my electronic signature to pass it off as theirs. I also am beyond livid that recently my very thoughts and ideas seem to have been ripped off by other people who then think it's cool to pass them off as something they themselves came up with. Get a life, and come up with your own ideas. It's not by any means flattering for me, it's plagiarism, pure and simple. If it keeps on, I am going to either start watermarking all my stuff or I will simply stop posting my artwork on here and only share it with friends that I personally know and trust. I don't think it kills anyone to simply honor my wishes and give me credit for things I have worked long hours to make, or to say something I made or said on social media inspired you, instead of blatantly ripping me off. I am also to the point where said people are going to be blocked from this dA account or my Twitter account or both. In over 600 deviations, I believe I have only been asked two or three times by people if they could use something. I know I make fanart, so I don't own the images of the people I make things of. But what I do make with them is mine, and so are my ideas. 

I also want to just touch briefly on other fans in fandoms. To me, if you're a fan, you should be supportive of other fans. You shouldn't act like you're better than them because of the opportunities you've had in the fandom, or whatever makes you think you're superior. I mentioned this in my prior blog. Very recently, fans in one of my fandoms, which shall not be named, made me and my friend(s) feel horribly about someone in this fandom. This person did not deserve the animosity we were starting to feel towards him. Now I also understand people can only affect you to the level with which you allow them to. But I do not feel you are better than someone else, or love a band or a singer more than someone, just because you can afford to buy more merchandise than they can, or travel somewhere to see someone and they can't, etc. I really hope I as a fan have not made any of you feel that way, and if I have, I'm very sorry. We should all be united in our love of a person, or a band, or a group, or whatever it may be, and not be trying to downgrade or tear each other apart for whatever reason. 

Anyway, so that's my soapbox. Once again, I do apologize, but I really feel these things had to be said, they've been going on and bothering me for far too long. For those of you who have been supportive, and that these things don't apply to, thank you from the bottom of my heart as always for loving and listening to me, and for appreciating what I do. 

~Midori-chan :kitty:

 (I do want to just add, I am fairly certain the people that this blog was specifically directed to won't even have read this far, but if you did, I'm going to reiterate what I said on Twitter when I posted the link to this on there. If you have to question yourself whether or not I'm talking about you, then I probably am. Dwell on that one and think about what I've just said.)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, dA-ers, :handshake:

Well, I'm a fourth-generation Japanese American who's trying to get more in touch with my heritage. As you can tell, my main passion in relation to that is Gackt. Ever since I became a fan of his in 2007, I feel he's brought me a greater appreciation of that part of myself. He inspires me creatively and intrigues me. His music touches my heart, and he's become someone whom I love greatly. I'm entirely self-taught in Photoshop, and I honestly don't know if I would have started making art were it not for the deep emotions and amazing experiences he has brought to my life. However, I'm grateful, for it's given me a home here on dA and wonderful watchers/friends. :blowkiss:

I'm also a huge Arashi fan; they make me happy and I love listening to them and watching their concerts often. I'm a big admirer of each individual member and really enjoy their TV shows and movie projects as well. They also creatively inspire me in many ways, so much of my work is devoted to the group and to Jun, Satoshi, Sho, Nino and Masaki individually as well. :D :woohoo: :squee:

I don't know what else to really say about myself other than I hope my postings somewhat reveal me as an artist, and a little bit personally as well. I tend to be very private so express myself best through my art/writing. Please enjoy and thank you for looking!
:painter: :pc: :writersblock:

Welcome to my page! :wave:

Click to join: :iconteamgackt: !!!
Click to join: :iconfade-st-global-art: !!!

I definitely don't mean to sound snotty, but, here are a few things about me and dA.
:bulletblue:-please no tagging me. I'm not going to respond or pass it on to other people on here.
:bulletgreen:-please don't ask for my personal email address, I don't like to give it out, except to friends I've known for awhile and trust.
:bulletorange:-Unfortunately I don't read, write or speak Japanese, so I can't converse with you as such and likewise, can't translate anything for you. I'm trying to learn, but I'm sorry.
:bulletpink:-At the moment, I don't do commissions or trades, unless it is for special friends. Also, I also don't take requests for/on my work. Sorry. With me, what you see is what you're gonna get. :D
:bulletpurple:-I honestly don't mind if you are going to download my wallpaper for use on your desktop or laptop. However, if you are going to use anything I make for something else, such as to put on a shirt, or stick in a YouTube video, I would like to be asked first. I work really hard on everything I make, and part of why I make it is because I love sharing with other fans. However, I don't want to watermark everything, or worse, stop posting altogether because someone is inconsiderate of my wishes and feelings. Just ask!
:bulletred:-I don't have a personal 'in' to Gackt, so I can't pass along anything to him, etc. However, I am always happy if I am able, to help fans with source material, or other information they may be looking for, as much as I can. If I can't, I do have friends I am happy to point to you that can possibly help, but please understand they don't have any personal secret connections to Gackt, either. I promise. I swear. I'm not holding out on anybody.

Despite all of that, I'm really truly appreciative of the ongoing support from people and everyone's friendship. I've mentioned this before, when I first started a page on here, it was primarily as a sort of online storage for my work. It's become a lot more than that, and I'm delighted fellow fans seem to enjoy my stuff. Thank you very much.


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