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No Jon Bananas by midori711c No Jon Bananas by midori711c
Just a derpy thing I made last weekend...if you follow Jon on Twitter, and you should, he tweets a lot, (and as a fangirl, it's awesome cause he favors things I tweet him almost weekly :D) a week and a half ago or so he posted this:

"Someone just threw a banana at me as I was singing while walking down the street. Either they had a BAD day or I need 2 practice more.. LOL."

Which made me laugh, even as I felt bad for him at the same time. So I was playing around and just made this out of a pic of him, the "no" circle, and a banana background, all of which I found on Google. :giggle: And I feel bad I'm sort of mocking his misspell of "banana" but I love him anyway. :glomp: :love: :squee: :blowkiss:

(Besides which, 1. who in Japan is so uncultured to throw anything, really, at someone else on the street, and 2. do you know how much bananas cost over there?!??! :D)

By the way, a shameless plug for both of us...if you want to follow either of us on Twitter, I'm @midori711c and Jon is @Jon_Underdown. Although he probably tweets way more interesting things than I do, but you might want to follow my blatant Twitter whoring of him and other faves, for laughs...LOL... :)

**Please note** I don't own any part of Jon Underdown, his music, or his image...I just happen to be a fan whose own creativity is inspired by him as an artist. Thank you!
**Also enjoy my work, but if you take it and post it anywhere else I only ask you credit it to me. Please, too, don't alter it in any way. Thanks again!**
k-no-uta Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014
ROFLMAO X'D now you reminded me if it XDDDDDDDD
k-no-uta Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
:lmao: That story was SO freaking funny X'D Nice one!
midori711c Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, thanks! :D
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December 23, 2012
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